Chemical Recovering Unit

The basic operation

Each OXINT machine receives as input a waste material deriving from the customer’s production cycle where it is installed. The processing is then carried out in order to recycle these scraps to obtain materials that can be used again in the customer’s production cycle, or can be sold to other customers. In this way, it is possible to give new life to production waste, reducing their environmental impact and increasing the profitability of the entire production cycle.

Oxint CRU

The workflow

cru oxint

Chemical Recovering Unit CRU

After a technical, economic and regulatory analysis performed on the waste material, we identify the best technology in order to make all or part of the material usable in other product fields.

The waste disposal management is reduced as much as possible or even eliminated; part of the noble material is recovered and returned to the customer, improving productivity.

The management of the customer’s time and resources is optimized.

The stabilization of the commercial chain linked to the sale of the new material allows a better stability of the overall production cycle, as it is no longer totally dependent on waste management players.

The mobile CRU unit is remotely controlled 24/7 by OXINT which can intervene immediately on the operating parameters including the safety systems.

Do you want to give value to your production scrap?

We help you identify and implement alternative solutions, more advantageous from an economic point of view and more respectful of the environment for the recovery of scraps. Contact us for more information.

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